A holiday has been declared on 16.02.2019 for the Primary Section. Monday Primary picnic, reporting time 8:00 am at school. Today's exam (16.02.2019) to be held on Wednesday 20.02.2019.

S.S.C Farewell

Date : 05th February 2018 The management and staff bid farewell to SSC students who will be attempting their board examinations in March. Std. IX students were the hosts.    


Date : 31st January 2018 The feast of our patron saint was celebrated during Holy Mass. Sweets were distributed.

Canteen Day(Junior College)

On 24 th November,The students of the college section organized canteen day for the students of the primary section. Various food and game stalls were put up by the students to help raise funds for the upcoming event - Boscoree.  

Annual Sports Day(Junior College)

The sports day for both college and primary section was held on 6th December 2018 Rev. Fr. Orville Coutinho was the chief guest for our 19th Annual Sports Meet. The Championship trophy for the boys was awarded to Master Mayur Kanchan from Std XI Commerce and the...


The students of the junior college went for an industrial vist to Navneet Publication factory at Virar on 7th December 2018. The students were amazed and intrigued with the process of printing,binding, laminating, packaging and storage of books which the factory...

Diwali Celebration (Jr.College)

Art sprang from the heart. The bare floor was beautified by colourful rangolis and artistic diyas lit up the school campus. The students showed off their creative talents through song and dance and also showed their creativity by making beautiful paper bags. Some of...


Being the day of Our Provincial 'Rev. Fr. Godfrey's' visit to our institution, the Gandhi House Day was held on 8th October. A lot of hard work was put in by the Blue House headmistress and the students. A Power Point Presentation based on the life of Gandhiji was...

Recitation Competition

A recitation Competition was held on 24-09-2018 .The participants came out with the best of their poems .The winners were selected according to their best performance , expression and were awarded with certificates .

College Cleanliness Drive

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti,the students organised a cleanliness drive under the able guidance of our Co-ordinator-Sir Sanjeev Mujumdar.The entire college participated in the drive where in all the students were divided into groups comprising of 10-15 students in...


A Hindi Elocution Competition was held for the students of the Primary Section on 12th September. All the Participants were well prepared and spoke on various topics.

11/09/2018 HINDI DIWAS

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas the students of the Primary Section expressed their views on the importance of Hindi Language. Students were also  allowed to speak in Hind.

11/09/2018 D.F.C (Design For Change)

A champion of Learning through play. D.F.C is a project based on learning tool and global movement which gives children a chance to express their ideas for a battle world and put them into action. Through D.F.C, children discover the "I Can", message rather than...

Hindi Diwas(Jr.College)

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas the Students of the college section expressed their views on important issues and problems faced in today's modern society.


Don Bosco Junior College provided a retreat experience for the students of class of XI & XII . It was a time for recreation, reflection and reunion.The major focus of the students sharing the Eucharistic celebration, group discussions and individual...

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas was celebrated in school. Children participated in a variety of items – song, dance, poetry and debate – all in our national language, Hindi. There was a lot of enthusiasm.

Science Festival VYRO

The Junior college students of the science section participated in the science festival VYRO which was organised by the Universal College of Engineering,Kaman. They made our college proud by winning a number of prizes and certificates Single Events: First prize-Swati...

Pre Primary Section

Teachers Day Celebration --The teachers along with the children celebrated teachers day on 4th September 2018 .Children gave hand made cards and gifts showing love and affection towards their teachers.


The Primary celebrated The Birthday of Mother Mary on the 8th of September with a PPT based on the life of Mother Mary followed by a movie and an action song.

Patriotic Dance & Song Competition(Jr.College)

The college section displayed their love for their motherland through various songs & dances which filled the college campus with the spirit of unity and brotherhood. Winners of the patriotic song competition XII Science- First place XII B Commerce-Second place XI...

Patriotic dance

patriotic dances were performed by the pre-primary children.The little ones danced to the tunes fearlessly giving a massage of love for our country India .The parents of the participants were also invited  


A Patriotic Dance Competition was held for the Primary Section on 10th  August 2018. Each house danced to the tune of melodious patriotic songs. Colourful charts and props added charm to this competition. The Green house stood first, Blue Second and Red and Yellow...

Card making competition- 24th july 2018

A card making competition was held on 24th July 2018 for Sr.KG.students on account of parents day.Best Three were selected from each division were displayed on the notice board and awarded with certificates .

Pre Primary Section

The first PTA meeting was held on 21/7/18 .The following are the elected members for pri primary section. 1) Mrs Namita Mhatre -Joint Secretary (Jr kg) 2) Mrs Minakshi Sahoo -Vice President( Sr kg)


A Drawing and Colouring Competiton was held for the Primary Section. All the students displayed their artistic talent through their drawing and colouring. Each class was given two topics and asked to draw one. Best three drawings from each class were selected and...


The birthday of our Principal Rev. Fr. Glen Fernandes was celebrated by by Primary Section on 18th July in the school hall. The program began by invoking God's blessing on our dear Principal followed by a dance. Father shared the cutting of the cake with two other...


The Pre Primary celebrated the birthday of Fr Glen our Principal with the cutting of the cake in the school hall.They were given sweets,and the children danced and enjoyed themselves.


A special assembly in honour of our great leader and noble prize winner Rabindranath Tagore was held by  the students of the yellow house.  


A holiday has been declared on 9 July for the Primary Section on account of heavy rains.


The Investiture Ceremony was held on 6th July. The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp, followed by a Prayer Service. Rev. Fr. Orville blessed the badges and Rev. Fr. Glen read the duties of the office bearers. The office bearers them took their oath and the...

H.S.C Results 2017-2018

Commerce section Mhatre Nimisha Jagdish (90.15%) Noronha Lionel Avelin(83.38%) Koli Ritika Vishwas(82.93%) Science section Choudhary Praveen Kumar(79.80%) Pandey Jyoti Dinesh (77.08%) D'Souza Christus Leander(75.69%)

Notice (Junior College)

College for STD XI Science and Commerce will commence from 13th July 2018.Students,along with their parents have to assemble in the school hall at 11:00 a.m. for the induction programme.

P.T.A. Elections for STD XII

The P.T.A. elections for the academic year 2018-2019 was held on 19th June 2018 for STD XII.The elected P.T.A. representatives for STD XII are: XII Science-Mr.Ganesh Mhatre(9860222975) XIICommerce-Mrs.Danica D'Souza (9960071797)

Extra classes for STD XII

6th June ,2018 Extra classes for STD XII commenced from 6th June 2018. Our Principal Rev.Fr.Glen Fernandes and Rev.Fr.Orville Coutinho warmly welcomed Sir.Sanjeev Mujumdar as the new Co-ordinator for the Junior College.The college staff assured Sir.Sanjeev of their...


21/06/2018- Yoga Day was celebrated on a grand scale in our school under the guidance of our yoga teacher Mrs. Jaswanti Pujari. Asanas like Padhastasa, Vrikshasana, Ushtrasana, Shashankasana, Bhujangasana, Shalbhasana etc were practiced.


Handwriting Competition for the Primary Section was held on 26th June. The best three were chosen from each class and displayed on the board

19th Annual Thanksgiving Day

3rd February,2018-   A day to celebrate and rejoice. The chief guest for the occasion was Rev.Fr.Nelson Carvalho and our guest of honour Mrs Jeanetta Noronhna .The program  started with welcoming of the chief guest,guest of honour ,the co-ordinators and P.T.A members...

Pre-Primary Picnic

1st March,2018- Students of pre-primary section were taken for a picnic to Royal Garden.After a breakfast the students were taken to the amuzement park.Students enjoyed the rides and later were taken to the soft toy room.After having fun on the rides students were...

Recitation Competition-Pre-Primary Section

10th January,2018- A recitation competition was held for the students to boost up their talent in vocalbury. Ten students were selected from each class.Winners were selected and their names were announced.The winners of the competition were given certificates in their...

Manager’s and Counsellor’s birthday

16th March,2018- A birthday celebration was held for Rev.Fr.Orville and Rev.Fr.Nelson in the school hall.A dance song was performed by our pre-primary students and also the birthday song was sung very beautifully.Later a cake was cut by both Frs along with students...