A Champion of Learning through Play. DFC is a project based learning tool & global movement which gives children a chance to express their ideas for a better world &put them into action. Through DFC, children discover the ‘I  CAN’   message rather than asking adults  “CAN  I”.

DFC is a tool providing a framework for teachers & students to engage these skills simultaneously.  Today DFC  is in over 30 countries around the world.

Education often  tends to be more teacher centered & can fail to provide adequate opportunities for hands on experience, group work, problem solving & crictical thinking.

Team work/Togetherness,  new ideas, creativity, innovative, plan of action & sharing.  Design is a tool of change. Design thinking in education, having design mindset, optimistic, empathy,understand another person’s feeling, collaboration, togetherness,  core beliefs,  confidence,  reasoning  etc.