Date:1st October,2016

The students of the junior college section went for an industrial visit to the coco cola factory. The first step was at Kalyani village resort. A healthy nutritious breakfast was served at the resort.

Thereafter the students proceeded to visit the coca cola factory at Wada. The students very amazed and intrigued with the process of purification, refilling and packaging of the bottles which the manager painstakingly explained. Each student was given a chilled welcome drink.

Back to Kalyani village, the students were served a variety of sumptuous dishes for lunch.

Post lunched, adventurous sports like rifle shooting, rope climbing and Bermuda bridge crossing were organized by the event managers Mr.Ashutosh and Mr.Mahindra our students had a thrilling experience and enjoyed these activities.

The students then proceeded towards Bhandara for a trek which was really adventurous and exciting.

The students and the teachers enjoyed the cool waters of river Tansa flowing down their feet and captured the scenic beauty of the place in their mobiles for beautiful memories to cherish.


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